MWP "Essential " Guide Line

I decided to write and publish an article entirely dedicated to the MWP technique (Metal Work Panels) or a particular procedure used to completely or partially cover static models made of plastic or resin.




Having the possibility offered by the site to offer all those interested in the technique to be able to intervene, here is explained the publication of the article entirely dedicated to the "Essential" Guide Line.




But before explaining the technique of the MWP procedure, it is necessary to understand the reason for resorting to the practice of metallic coating in models that in themselves could be comfortably and even brilliantly completed with excellent metallic coloring without adding further fatigue, experience and spending on modellers, and the answer, as I had the opportunity to repeat over and over again, is one and only one: because a metal-clad model looks like metal because it's really made of metal.




Before understanding, learning and then finally experimenting with the technique (MWP), I completed my NMF (Natural Metal Finishing) models with the application of metallic colors or pigments obtaining discrete results but which nevertheless did not succeed to the end of exhaust my incurable desire to create an ultra-light aluminum model but without losing the information contained on the original but rather, significantly improving the appearance by detailing parts that are completely non-existent with the application of rivets, lines and completely absent doors in the model proposed by the manufacturer perhaps because rather dated as in the case of the B-58 "Hustler" proposed in the header image and re-insulated a few years ago by the Revell (formerly Monogram) but dating back to the 80s or with details at low light and "positive" panels.




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